Monday, January 23, 2017

A lot happened in late 2014!

In July of 2014, the organization I have been involved with since 2012, Cary Creative Center, had a big fundraiser that I chaired. We made all sorts of decorations, and Jim and his dad even made a photo cutout for us from scratch! We painted flowers on them for people to stick their heads in. The event was called the Bohemian bash, and was totally groovy!

In August, the Limerick side of the family met up for a week at the beach in Emerald Isle for Dad's 70th bday. Uncle Dan got a bunch of us a house, Dad and others had another place, and the Duffys were there too! Cousin Anna and her family even came from Texas! It was so good to see everybody! My favorite part was going for a day with Leigh and Aunt Wendy to Shackelford Banks to see the wild horses and finding awesome shells!

It was the 20 year anniversary of starting college, and Jim's group of friends from NC State (The Natureboys) all got together to celebrate their meeting. It was fun to see how the group had expanded with wives and kids. And that was how I even met Jim back in 1998!

Some of the UNC band alumni played at the UNC homecoming game, and it was strange to play cymbals again! Dana and Jim also came for the game. It was a fun day with the Marching Tarheels!

My first issue of my new magazine, Abbington Life, finally went to print, after getting it ramped up for most of 2014! I feature neighborhood pets, residents, homes, and trips every month and work with local businesses to get involved with the community!

Happy 1st year anniversary to Jim and I! To celebrate, we drove to Uncle Dan's beautiful cabin in the mountains of Georgia. When we returned home, we ate the top of our wedding cake, which was still OK!

Saturday, November 05, 2016

2014 gets started with a bang!

I got a rocky start with my new career with N2 Publishing, and Jim got laid off. Wahhhhhhhhhh! In the middle of the stress, we both got out there trying our hardest, though.

I had a fun day trip in April with Mary Powell and friends to Busch Gardens, and realized I am much more wimpy at roller coasters than I used to be!

Jim got placed in the Food Sciences dept at NC State in May, as their IT person, so he really had to go one month without pay. Yay! It's where they make the NC State ice cream.

N2 has conferences several times a year. I went to training in Chicago, a Jan conference in Dallas, and then back to Chicago for a May conference. It's neat to go places I have never been but I don't really have time to see anything. I did get to sing karaoke with colleagues tho!

May of 2014, I went to Florida with Mary. We stayed one day at the new Cabana Bay 60s themed resort at Universal. It was super cool!!

Then, Mary and I went to Disney for the 24 hour day at Magic Kingdom!!! What? We got there at 6am, played for a while, then went to all the other parks before coming back to MK late. We made it till 4am before we couldn't handle anymore. It was an experience, that's for sure!


The brand new Seven Dwarves Mine Train ride! I love it!


We also went to the special Star Wars weekend at Hollywood Studios and had a villain breakfast!

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Late 2013 changed my life forever!

I married my sweet Jim! Our wedding was November 9, 2013, at my hometown church in Charlotte, St. Peter's Episcopal. I even had my childhood rector, Gary Jones, perform the ceremony. He lives in Richmond now, but came just for our wedding! The reception was there too, and we had a great time! Before the wedding though, there were showers and bachelor/ bachelorette weekends...  Beth and Mark threw us a UNC/ NC State House Divided couples shower, and Katie threw me a Pampered Chef shower. I went with girlfriends to Black Mountain, NC and to Asheville for the fiber festival I love. Jim went to Myrtle Beach with the Natureboys.

I also went to nashville to see some of my Ladies. (not a great picture- but what a GREAT picture!)

My mom made my dress, based on a pattern I loved!

Our wedding night, we stayed at the historic Dunhill hotel in the Penthouse, in Charlotte. Our rehearsal dinner was there too.

Jim gave his groomsmen themed robes!

Aint we cute?

For our honeymoon, we went to Disneyworld!! We stayed at the beautiful Wilderness Lodge in the honeymoon room, and got to see the christmas decorations go up all over property.